Best Buy as a Connected Organization – Interview with Josh Kahn

21 09 2010

Best Buy have always been a company I’ve played close attention to. It was great then to recently interview Josh Kahn and get the inside track on Best Buy as a connected organization.

Josh gives his definition of a connected organization and talks through some of the challenges of achieving this level of connectedness within a large company. He also gives some historical background to “Blue Shirt Nation” and discusses some of the platforms and tools Best Buy are integrating into their business to achieve their vision of a “Connected Store Experience”

Press the play button below to hear the interview

Connected Organizations – An Interview with Jon Ingham

4 08 2010

I’m delighted that I was able to interview Jon Ingham from Social Advantage for the first podcast interview. Jon is a well know for his thought leadership in the  human capital field and has some very interesting thoughts on social tools and connections within business.

In the interview Jon gives us his definition of a connected organization, talks about how social tools can help create social capital for business and identifies the companies he feels are leading the way in this important new area

Just press the play button to hear the whole  interview, well worth a listen!

SocialFuture Launch Interview – Kevin Wheeler

21 07 2010

I’m delighted to launch, a blog dedicated to exploring the changing nature of communication in the work place. The world of work is changing more dramatically now than it has for a very long time and the purpose of this blog is investigate and understand what is happening as companies and organizations become more connected.

The majority of the content on will consist of expert interviews with practitioners and thought leaders in the corporate communication field and this first post is no exception!

A few weeks ago I met with Kevin Wheeler, founder of The Future of Talent institute, and he was kind enough share his thoughts on “networked organizations”


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